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ONLY ALIBABA was born on 24th September 2008. Like Alibaba who took on the combined might of 40 thieves, ONLY ALIBABA took on the might of the mughalai food business in its very own food district of Park Circus in Kolkata. The discerning pallet of the people of Kolkata has given ONLY ALIBABA a unique standing.
ONLY ALIBABA’s main focus is on affordable, delicious and healthy food. To ensure that the old adage of health is wealth is maintained, the oil, the basic ingredient of all cooking, used at ONLY ALIBABA is of the best quality – Emami Healthy and Tasty oil only. No dalda and animal fat is used in the kitchen. And all this without a pinch to the pocket – is where ONLY ALIBABA exceeds expectations.
ONLY ALIBABA is also the first restaurant in Kolkata to do free home delivery anywhere within the city limits WITHIN 55 MINUTES of placing the order, 365 days in the year from 10 am to 10 pm. Enjoy the best of food even where you are.
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